Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mead Making & Pizza Baking Fun 8/3

Come to Pearson Garden to learn about
MEAD MAKING from Turtle, who makes some of the best mead in these mountains
PIZZA BAKING from Frank Cook

About Frank Cook: As an extensive traveler he has developed a deep-rooted network of people whose lives are consciously intermingled with plants, healing, and ways to create a better world. He makes a wide range of foods and medicines to share with his family, friends and community. He leads a simple life communicating, teaching, reflecting, and spending a lot of time in the forests and gardens delving deeper into the mysteries of the plant kingdom and our place in the web of life. Visit his website.

I walk the green path achieving right-livelihood through donation. I appreciate your assistance in this. Give what you can; Receive what you need. But most importantly show up at some of these outings and reconnect with nature.

WHEN: Monday, August 3rd
408 Pearson Drive, Asheville NC
TIME: 3:00 pm
COST: by donation
CONTACT INFO: Turtle at 273-8151

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